Exercise 9

Fill in the blanks with prepositions where required.

Randy and Norma Chiu decided to redecorate their bedroom. The curtains and bedspread used to be yellow; now they are blue. They decided to take ___ the blinds and put ___ new curtains. They chose light green sheets and pillowcases to go ___ the blue bedspread. They replaced the double bed ___ a king-sized bed and threw ___ the headboard and footboard. Their bureau and chest __ drawers used to be ___ dark wood, but yesterday they bought new ones, painted ___ black. Last winter, Norma made a lovely dark green comforter, but they put it ___ because the weather was too warm ___ it then. They’ll probably take it ___ ___ a week or so. Finally, Randy wants to call the telephone company tomorrow to order a blue phone ___ the bedroom. The jack is already there, so there’s nothing to do but plug ___ the cord. They're sure they'll enjoy the new look ___ their bedroom.

Exercise 10

Translate these sentences into English:

1. Спальня - це місце не тільки для фізичного, а і морального відпочинку, тому шпалери мають бути приємного кольору.

2. На стінах можна повісити підібрані за стилем і смаком гравюри чи репродукції.

3. Можна придбати двохспальне чи односпальне ліжко або ліжко-нари.

4. Спочатку ми хотіли покласти килимове покриття, а потім передумали і зупинилися на звичайному килимові.

5. Найкращу люстру ми, звісно, повісили у вітальні. У спальні ж ми прилаштували симпатичнe бра - це зручно.

Bathroom and toilet

A bathtub

A shower

A jacuzzi

A shower curtain

A bidet

A towel rail

A bathmat

A medicine cabinet / a first aid kit

A tap

A mixer tap

A diverter

A plug-hole

A drain plug

A washbasin

A faucet

A bar of soap

Face (toilet) soap

Laundry soap

Liquid soap

Scented soap

A soap-dish

To soap

Washing powder / detergent

A laundry-basket / a linen bin for dirty linen

A sponge

A washcloth

A razor

A nailbrush

A tube of toothpaste

A hairbrush

A comb

A terry towel

A terry bathrobe

A cistern

A toilet / a lavatory / WC / loo

A toilet pan

A toilet roll holder

A flush

A ventilator

A sauna

Sanitary engineering